Business cards still matter in light of the fact that our memory sucks. How often have you met somebody, spent the vast majority of the discussion considering what to say so you don’t sound dumb, and then expeditiously overlook their name when it’s everywhere? Mitchell Friedman, Associate Dean of Student Affairs and Career Development at Presidio Graduate School, clarifies:


When you meet a man at a business occasion, get their business card. Maybe even compose a note or two on the opposite side of the card to catch the key purposes of your discussion while they’re still new in your psyche. The main issue here is to have a physical record of gets in touch with you make so you can catch up as fitting in conjunction with your more extensive employment look/vocation advancement endeavors.

A business card is a guide to circumstance. It could lead you to an incredible new employment, an awesome business association, or basically help your business profit. Think about a circumstance where you have your systems administration pants on and you’re hoping to profit your business by making contacts. Abruptly, you see somebody that could be a potential customer. What do you do? You present yourself and portray what you do, yet sooner or later; you’ll have to hand off your contact data. A business card spares you time and makes you look proficient. You’re not bumbling around with a pen to jot your email address on a mixed drink napkin, and you likewise give them a feeling this isn’t your first rodeo.

Is your early introduction vital, as well as business card give substantial data to others.Author Sarah Brooks at Successful Blogger clarifies that it gives them something physical to allude to later if they choose they need your item or administration:

Business cards put a face to a business, when meeting another person, giving them your business card (ideally with your photograph on it) will keep your business in the back of their brains. In spite of the fact that they may not require your item or administrations today, there may come a period when they do, and ideally they will have the capacity to haul out your business card and call versus attempting to recall your organization name and looking the web.


Your business card is a physical item that potential customers can bring with them that keeps you or your image from simply being a name that buoys around in the ether. It’s awesome in the event that you have a site.